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Nexgard for Extra Large Dogs 60.1-120-lbs-Red-easyvetsupplies

Nexgard for Extra Large Dogs 60.1-120 lbs (Red)

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Nexgard has appeared to be the most effective and scientifically proven medical product to protect your dogs and pets from fleas and ticks. The treatment has been considered by expert veterinary doctors and pet lovers as the most trustworthy medication for the persistent problem of fleas and ticks.  

Nexgard is Basu ally an oral medication capable of completely curing fleas and ticks. It can even cure paralysis ticks for as long as the duration of a month. As for administering the treatment NexGard relies on the natural beef chew that any dog loves and so you can easily treat your dogs and provide them the right care and treatment. 

A scientifically valid composition 

One of the biggest pros of this flea treatment formula is that it comes from the house of Merial, the brand that has been there in the frontline of veterinary products for treating fleas and ticks for years.

As for chemical composition, the active ingredient that makes NexGard powerful is Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner is the chemical that has been tested with positive qualities in killing fleas and ticks by specifically binding to some chloride channels in insects. This is highly effective in attacking the flea’s nervous system and causing death. Since the same chemical isn't effective in causing harm to the nervous system of the mammals, the dogs cannot be vulnerable from this medication. 

Moreover, the Nexgard for dogs has already undergone extensive testing for effectiveness and safety. As of now, no veterinary trials on dogs have shown any dangerous side effects of the drug. Over the years, the drug has proved to be the most effective one in combating dog fleas and ticks with no adverse effects. 

Key benefits of NexGard 

Now that we have explained how the drug works and how it comes with a tested and tried chemical composition, it is important to take a quick grab of the key benefits of the drug. 

  • The dog only needs to chew just once a month and stay protected for the entire month. 
  • The substance is soft and tasty enough with beef flavored for the dogs to chew. 
  • As for basic chewing substances, the product uses soy protein and beef flavor for good taste and a healthy diet.  
  • It kills all fleas within just four hours and keeps on killing any flea that lands on the dog’s body. 
  • It can easily be provided to dogs with their meals so they just naturally start chewing it. 
  • By killing fleas before they can hatch eggs, the drug actually can break the cycle of the infection. 
  • Since it doesn't involve any topical medication on the dog’s skin, dogs can take bath or swim. 
  • It kills the most persistent and all hidden ticks in a dog's body.
  • If your dog is already under medication, the drug is really safe to use.
  • NexGard can be administered on dogs of all ages and breeds, though you need to purchase the version for the right weight and age range.

NexGard packs all the crucial benefits that dog owners always looked for in the flea killing veterinary medicines. Well, you can now safe-keep your puppies from fleas and ticks and keep worries at bay.  

Dosage table for NexGard:


Dog Weight Pack Color No. of tablets Tablet strength (mg Afoxolaner)
4-10 lbs (2-4 Kg) Orange One 11.3 mg
10.1-24 lbs (4.1-10 Kg) Blue One 28.3 mg
24.1-60 lbs (10.1-25 Kg) Purple One 68.0 mg
60.1-121 lbs 2(5.1-50 Kg) Red One 136.0 mg
>50 Kg Give an appropriate combination of tablets


Please do ask your vet before starting any treatment.