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Frontline Plus For Dog In-Depth Review

  • Fleas, ticks and lice often become painful for the pet dogs and cats and their owners. Ranging from the flea collars to topical treatment to chewable substances, there are different effective methods of killing fleas and ticks. There are also too many varieties of flea and pest control products from different brands. Among all of them,
  • Frontline Plus stands apart with its popularity and a highly effective formula. 

A quick look at the Frontline Plus benefits and drawbacks

  • Since no great product can be completely free from the drawbacks, an honest review must showcase these negative areas as well. Let's have a quick look at the Frontline Plus key benefits and drawbacks before coming with more elaborate points. 


  • Widely acclaimed by veterinarians and a household brand status.
  • Great return policy powered by a helpful customer service
  • A great formula combining two active ingredients for killing fleas
  • Can eradicate fleas within just 2 hours of application
  • Can eradicate ticks within just 12 hours of application 


  • Comparatively more expensive than most market products.
  • It is known to cause mild skin irritation in some dogs
  • Being topical application the treatment depends on precise application. 

Important features of Frontline Plus

  • Frontline Plus as a flea and tick protection treatment for dogs and cats comes loaded with the below mentioned features. 

Actively shielding from fleas 

  • Frontline Plus works as an active shield safeguarding your pet dogs and cats against fleas. By absorbing deep into the skin of the dog, it continues to kill fleas and break the life cycle of the fleas. 

Easier topical application

  • Frontline Plus comes as serum loaded in a pipette. This lotion is applied to the dog’s back and you only need to follow the common method with such products. 

Double protection with two ingredients 

  • Frontline Plus offers double protection with two active ingredients that kills fleas and breaks the flea life cycle by preventing birth and growth of their eggs. This helps in completely eradicating fleas from dog’s skin.


  • Frontline Plus topical treatment also offers waterproof protection as it is not washed away with water. Just after 24 hours of applying the treatment you can take your dog to bathe and allow it to swim without worrying about washing the treatment off. 

Trusted By Veterinarians

  • Frontline range of flea and tick control products also comes with a great customer support to deal with queries, issues and all sorts of problems. The brand remained a leading one and has been widely acclaimed by veterinarians over the years. 

How long does Frontline Plus take to start working?

  • Instantly after applying Frontline Plus, it starts working within just a couple of hours.  It kills the adult fleas hidden inside the fur of the skin and stops the growth and maturing of the flea eggs and larvae. One active ingredient does the first while the other ingredient works as a growth inhibitor. 

Considering the side effects of Frontline Plus 

  • Let us now spare a few words of caution in regard to the usage of Frontline Plus for dogs. It is important to use the right solution that fits perfectly to the weight of the pet dog. In case of applying the wrong formula, side effects like skin irritation, rashes, lethargy, vomiting and similar problems can be experienced.

Frontline Plus For Different Sizes Of Dogs:-


Is Frontline Plus safe and secure for dogs?

  • It is important to evaluate the safety aspects of the product for topical application on dog’s skin. We already know that two active ingredients that are used in Frontline Plus are respectively fipronil and s-methoprene. These two ingredients are also used in many common big and pest control products used in households. 
  • If these two ingredients are not consumed and the solution can be kept out of the reach of mouth, they are likely to cause no harm. This is why it is advisable to apply the treatment on the back where the dog may not reach with its mouth. These two ingredients in Frontline Plus treatment are also very unlikely to cause any serious harm to the pet owners if they are accidentally not consumed. 


  • Frontline Plus with its active double protection formula certainly has an edge over most other common flea and ticks control products in the market. In spite of a little expensive price bracket, it offers the right value for money for Pt owners.

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